Carmen Knight

Carmen Knight
Transplant on October 19, 2007

"I received my new liver from a deceased donor. I’m eternally grateful to him for his precious gift."

In 2006, a routine visit to my doctor revealed I had organ failure and I needed a liver transplant to stay alive. Time stood still. I always took good care of myself, so naturally I was shocked that such a thing could happen without any warning.

My doctor referred me to the Mount Sinai Hospital Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute in New York City for further evaluation.

As my condition grew worse, my spirit faltered and I often felt like giving up. Through the power of prayer, the support of my family, and a great team of medical professionals, I persevered. I realized every day God gave me was another chance to fight for my life.

I received my new liver, the gift of life, from a deceased donor. I know very little about my donor or his family, but I’m eternally grateful to him for his precious gift.

Once I was well enough to resume normal activities, I became a volunteer with the New York Organ Donor Network.

I wanted to share my experience with other organ recipients and donor families; and spread the word—particularly within the African-American community—about the importance of becoming an organ and tissue donor.

I truly believe God has a plan for me.

I have a wonderful career, and aside from the medication I take daily to prevent organ rejection, I lead a pretty normal life. Yes, I must take precautions to avoid infections, but I’m blessed to be alive.

The most important lesson I’ve learned throughout this experience, this journey, is how precious life is, and I intend to live it to the fullest-second time around.